Weissman Equities | Strategy


Weissman Equities pursues a compelling opportunity in the New York City commercial real estate market by providing an institutional investment framework, discipline and asset management strategy to assets below $30M.

The investment process begins by identifying neighborhoods that meet our proprietary investment criteria. We then target assets within pre-screened neighborhoods that are underutilized, have operational inefficiencies or below-market rents. Through rigorous due diligence, forecasting, and evaluation of all multiple scenarios, we assess the investment potential of each property.

Upon identification and selection, we then capitalize the asset with the most advantageous debt/equity structure available. Upon acquisition, we aggressively work to enhance the property’s value through meticulous and intensive post-acquisition management, leasing, marketing, or redevelopment.

Once our investments have reached their full value potential, Weissman Equities monetizes the value through a capital event, typically in the form of an outright sale or refinancing. Below are the five strategic factors considered in every investment.

For more information about investing with Weissman Equities, please contact matthew@weissmanequities.com or seth@weissmanequities.com